Because it is a specific event, the Abimad Exhibition is not open to general public.

Registration is only possible at the reception of the event, from 10am to 7pm.

The pre-registrated visitors (those who visited other editions of the event) are able to receive the Identification Badge at the reception of the event. New visitors (high-end furniture and decoration professionals such as architects, engineers, decorators, designers, importers and store owners) must fill out the inscription formulary and apply for an Identification Badge when arriving at the venue.

IMPORTANT: To enter the venue you must prove your professional status by presenting documents such as:

  • Professional Brazilian Identification such as ABD or décor nucleus;
  • Active CNPJ card;
  • Personal business card with the name of your store or company

Visitors that don’t apply to the above profile but have been invited by an exhibitor will have their access authorized only with the presentation of the invitation.

* Children 16 years of age and under are not allowed.