Date and Venue

What is the date of the exhibition?

The exhibition happens between JULY 16TH TO 19TH, 2024.

What are the opening hours?

The exhibition is open from 10am to 7pm.

Where is the venue?

Sao Paulo Expo.

Where is the Sao Paulo Expo located at?

Centro de Exposições São Paulo Expo

Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km 1, 5

São Paulo - SP

Principais distâncias

  • 3 km do Aeroporto de Congonhas
  • 850 m da Estação de metrô e Terminal Rodoviário Jabaquara
  • 1.200 m da Av. dos Bandeirantes
  • 7 km da Av. Paulista
  • 10 km do Centro da Cidade
  • 25 km do Aeroporto de Cumbica
  • Próximo à região do ABCD

Acessos Especiais

A entrada de caminhões deverá ser feita pela:

Av. Miguel Stefano, n° 3.000

Em frente ao Jardim Botânico.

Informações pelo telefone: (11) 5067-1717

How much those the entry cost?

Nothing. It is free admission.


Can anyone visit Abimad exhibition?

No. The show it is not open to general public, the exhibition is made for furniture and decoration store owners, architects, decorators, and interior designers that are able to prove their professional status thru the presentation of the correct documents and identification.

Which documents must I provide?

Store owners must provide the business card containing the company information (such as address, e-mail and other information) and the Brazilian CNPJ card of your store.

Architects must provide their professional document such as CAU.

Decorators and Designers must present their member identification of their nucleus or professional association.

I fit into one of the above categories, can I bring a companion?

Yes, only one companion.

Can I register in advance?

Yes. Online accreditation is available at the link (subject to approval).

Can I register at the event venue?

Yes. Accreditation will be maintained at the reception of the event and can be done by presenting a document that proves your status as a furniture or decoration retailer, architect, decorator or interior designer.

Does Abimad send credentials by mail?

No. Withdrawal of credential only at the reception of the event.

How is the VIP guest accreditation done?

The VIP guest does not need to register online. They will be automatically credited after issuing their benefits and must collect their credentials directly at the reception of the travel agency or in the VIP room of the fair.

General Information

Are children allowed to visit the exhibition?

No. It is strictly prohibited for children of 16 years of age and under to enter the show.

I am a sales representative of another company which is not exhibiting. Can I visit the exhibition?

No. Only representatives of the exhibitors can enter the exhibition.

I am a student, can I visit the show?

No. Students do not have access to the event.

I am a supplier of the furniture industry, can I visit the exhibition?

No. Suppliers do not have access to the event.

I am a furniture and decoration manufacturer but not a member of Abimad, can I visit the exhibition?

No. Manufacturers do not have access to the event.

I am a service provider of the furniture and decoration segment, can I visit the exhibition?

No. Service providers do not have access to the event.

I am a journalist, can I visit the exhibition?

Yes, the press is allowed to visit. Contact our Press Office through e-mail:

Does the event provide lockers? How much does it cost?

Yes, at the entrance hall. It is not charged.

Will there be transport from the metro, hotels, bus station or airport to the venue?

No. There will be no transfer.

Can I get discounts at some hotel?

You can contact directly with the official agency of the event.

Is there a parking lot at the venue?

Com capacidade para até 4.500 vagas cobertas, o São Paulo Expo possui o maior estacionamento coberto do Brasil com um acesso direto ao pavilhão por uma passarela.

Portão 1 – Entrada de visitantes, Através de um sistema de cancelas o visitante tem acesso ao edifício garagem, com todo conforto de 10 elevadores e uma passarela.

Formas de pagamento: dinheiro ou cartões de crédito/débito, Acesso principal (Rodovia dos Imigrantes, km 1,5)

Is there a discount arranged for visitors?

No, the parking services must be paid by each visitor.

What is a VIP visitor?

The VIP visitor is the visitor that was nominated by the exhibitor to receive air fare, accommodation and food costs covered by Abimad during the event.

How can I exhibit at ABIMAD?

The events held by ABIMAD are only for companies that are members of the association.

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